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I dropped out of a crimson portal from high in the sky, my left hand still connected to it as the rest of my body dandled in the sky. “Crap…” I muttered. “Guess this is as far as I can go, I hoped it’d be a bit closer… oh well.” My hand let go and the crimson portal vanished as I fell straight down in through the sky to an unfinished building, righting myself I spread my arms with a faint crimson glow coming from my left hand before landing on the building in a crouch leaving a massive dent in the metal frame. I looked out to the building that was my true target. It was of a circular design, it gave off a faint residual blue glow from the lights in the building. I shoved my gloved hands in my pockets as I walked over to a steal frame that stuck out, my heeled boots making a residual dull clanking sound as I walked. My long black coat and shoulder length brown hair lifted slightly as the wind howled low before I sat down with one leg dangling over the edge as I continued to look out at the building.

I then took out my cell from my inner coat pocket and looked to see the time was eleven fifty, the wallpaper behind it was that of a Calico cat with a pink collar with the name “Mia” engraved being held by an Asian girl with dyed hair grinning like an idiot as she held the tiny cat closely in one arm as her other hand was being used to take the photo.

I was ten minutes early though not that I minded. Best to be early then late as people say. Not that it would matter, there would soon be a commotion with the guards soon enough. I let out a breath as my blue eyes looked to the logo of the building and narrowed my eyes.

The Dios Corporation.

How I despised anything with that name.

I looked back to the building that I used as my temporary chair I could tell that it was connected to the one I intended to reach, a second branch perhaps, but regardless I could then see armed guards coming my way in a rush, since the building wasn’t that high I spoke aloud. “About time some guards showed.” I said to the rather disgruntled group of guards. “And here I thought I’d have an easy time getting in.”

“Come down this instant!” one shouted. “This is private property! No one without Registered Identification is allowed on the premises.”

“Oh…?” I drew out. “If that’s so, then are you and your men part of this “Registered Identification”? Because if not, then you don’t have any reason to be here ether.”

“Stop talking nonsense!” the man barked. “Come down, or we will have no choice but to restrain you by force.”

I let out a breath, always by force they say, never anything original.

How boring… I thought before standing up on the beam and looked down at the men with an unamused stare. “Very well then, I’ll come to you as you want. Though a word of warning, you may want to take a step back.” In that instant, I stepped off the beam and came down to the ground, the impact causing a dust cloud to form. The men in uniform panicked slightly, unsure what to do, thinking I might have jumped to my death but their worries and fears died the moment they saw me standing perfectly straight without any kind of injury creating a new type of fear for them.

They gaped at my while I give a half smile in response to them. people always reacted that way I find.

“Wha… how did you…” one began only to stop when I made a finger gun with my left hand and pointed my left hand at him, a crosshair mark showed faintly in a red glow along his throat. “What are you doing?” he demanded.

And with that same smile I said. “Bang!” and in that moment the man fell back, his knees giving out, as he fell to the dirt. Blood now flowed from the wound in his throat as he twitched then expired.

The other men began to panic as they pulled out their weapons quickly to shoot me in fear as one man shouted. “You-you monster!”

With a lowered head, I smirked, god did they have no idea.

Raising my head, I looked at them, my left eye no longer blue but of a deep burning crimson red that glowed like fire. They took a step back and I raised my left hand again, in that moment I had marked parts of their bodies which showed a red glowing crosshair. Rarely anyone would be able to escape from this. Not that it would make much of a difference.

They fired their guns but it did them little good, for once they fired they soon fell dead to the ground in pools of their own blood as their recently fired bullets fell to the ground like stones, never reaching their intended target. I walked past their now lifeless bodies and continued to the building only to come to a stop when one man stood from the group that I had just ended, I did say that the chances of a person surviving was rare. Guess it was a rarity. Lucky him.

The officer gasped for breath as he gripped his bleeding chest. His breathing rasped, I could tell he was using all of his strength just to stand up, he wouldn’t be able to do much. “Who…” he wheezed. “Who the hell are you?”

I merely looked at him blankly, they always asked that. Never thought to read the file of all the recent destruction I guess. Though there wasn’t a name attached to said destruction. Then again, who’d think someone would be more then willing, or stupid enough to come after one of the biggest global conglomerates that controlled the world?

Well… I say that but it was something I was currently doing.

I looked to his identification tag, he looked to be in charge, or at least in regards to the men I just killed. I then looked back to his face. “Does a name really matter?” I asked him.


“Does it matter?” I ask again. “You’re bleeding to death and you think knowing my name will do you any good? You’ll be dead before you get the chance to tell anyone, that is unless you have a listening device on you which I doubt somewhat.”

The man grit his teeth in anger. “Just tell me who you are!”

I looked at him steadily he must have one somewhere on his person if he was so adamant in me speaking. Though it wasn’t the way I intended to reveal myself to those I suppose this was better then some big giant display of showmanship. “World Destroyer.”

He frowned. “What?”

“It’s what I go by, you wanted to know my name and I just gave it to you since it’s what you wanted to know. I go by World Destroyer, not the fanciest of names out there but it works and gets right to my point of what I want.”
“And what do you want?”

The look I had was unimpressed, did he really not get it? People these days, no open minds anywhere, so disappointing. I let out a short breath, for goodness sake, needing to spell things out was so tedious sometimes.

“To destroy the world,” I said to him. “Hence the name, though it’s not like I intend to let the world completely burn, doing that’s pointless even I have a livelihood to maintain. But what I want to do won’t matter to you, but it will to those at the top.”

“Then why not tell me.” He demanded.

“I already have,” when I spoke, I was now walking past him, I had moved so quick he wouldn’t have registered it before it was too late. My left-hand slicing through the air as I did so, a red glow leaving my fingertips, three seconds go by and blood came from new deep cutting wounds that I knew this idiot of a man wouldn’t survive. He fell back over dead. I then looked back to the body, the red in my left eye faded away before I kicked him over to lay on his back before searching the body and found a small listening device. “I hope you’re all happy,” I spoke softly into the device. “You now have a name to go with the destruction of your other builds including this one.” I looked to my target. “Keep asking yourselves why this is happening, even though you know the answer. Look amongst yourselves and ask “What did we do with those people?” the answer should be obvious to you all. And even if you wanted to try and stop me the answer to that is simple too when you look to all of your men.”

I crushed the device between my index finger and thumb before continuing onwards to the building ahead of me, there was more work to be done, and I was done talking.
World Destoryer Chapter Zero
This is a work-in-progress kind of thing, hence the "Chapter Zero" bit. of a first person story of a "villain" who doesn't have time for dealing with people and the questions that she just constantly keeps hearing on repeat. you'd be annoyed too if you kept hearing the same things over and over again too. :XD: but regardless let me know what you think feedback would be all kinds of wonderful :la:

Also yes, I realize how cheesey it is to have with a "Chapter Zero" thing, but eh screw it I'll go edgy so much edge Nick (Deal with it!) - Icon but hey hope you guys like it


my story will be published!!
Artist | Professional | Literature
I'm 23 years old and a college grad, my dream, like many on this website and others, is to become a novelist. I don't want it to be for the fame or the money (let's face it though we all kind of need that part to live) but for people to recognize my stories and become hooked into reading them, to get to a point where characters in the story feel lifelike and real even if the story takes place in a world of fiction. I want people to enjoy my work for what it is and even to give me criticisms on making my style better, everyone has they're own style in writing and I am one of those millions of people.

Pets: 2 cats (which I love with all my heart they are sooo cute even if they fight each other)

Food: spaghetti with meat sauce and garlic, chocolate chip mint ice cream, pocky, popcorn and ginger ale

Music: Anything as long as it's not rap music with a tone of sexual innuendos, mainly other worldly music from Japan, China, Greece and Egypt and so on and so forth, and classical music, right now in between listening to classical music with a cello and Russian techno... yeah I'm a strange one...

Games: I'm a PS2 and Wii gamer though right now I'm getting back into my PS2 games of Clock Tower 3, Fatal Frame 1 2 and 3, Rule of Rose, Haunting Ground, Persona 4 and the Silent Hill games.

Movies: too many to count...

Anime: the same as movies, though I'm watching Red Garden, When They Cry and Deadman Wonderland as well as the Vision of Escaflowne and Supernatural the Animated sires

In my free time: What free time? I have no life... :D

What my goal for the future: To become a well known novelist for the many different kinds of stories that I can create just from the power of my mind!!
Oh and rule the world, but who doesn't want that? XD

Current Residence: Canada
deviantWEAR sizing preference: as long it's not too small
Favourite photographer: my dad and grampa B
Favourite style of art: manga, painting, and pencil
MP3 player of choice: don't have one
Wallpaper of choice: butterflies, feather's or egyptian
Skin of choice: same as the wallpaper
Favourite cartoon character: Tweety form loony toons
Personal Quote: life is like a chess game you just have to make the right move

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It's fascinating to see the difference and growth in ones writing, but through the years I know I've dealt a drastic change in my writing style, and not only because I've grown, but also because I have lost people I loved, people who died that I cared for and that I knew. On top of dealing having to watch both brother's going through critical operations while I could do nothing, same is said when I lost my Dad suddenly at seventeen.
I felt like the world had dealt me a horrible hand of fate, that we had already gone through so damn much and yet we are thrown through something none of us fathomed. Not long after my writing had changed, I could no longer write stories that would please people, and I moved far from the genre of Romance since it all just began to feel fake to me.

I found that in my books of recent years I've come to work on realistic characters and they're development, they're relationships with one another and how it can change the story. Like with my recent novel FrAcTuReD, where years have gone by for Charla since the loss of her twin brother but she is still feeling it, still dealing with it and so are others in the story but in many different ways.
She doesn't just jump back and think all is fine with the world when you know how her brother died and how it affected her. losing family can be extremely devastating (or some people just wouldn't give a damn, it happens) and the fact that so many just want to see them as they were before I honestly find rather insulting. And it's something I've actually dealt with personally.

Not three months had gone by since my Dad's death and I'm asked why I'm not like how I used to be, it can be an innocent question enough but I was disgusted with the one who said it, I was close to raging at them for it. I know everyone is different, we don't all act the same, we are our own person, but being told that I should go right back to how I was before he died angered me, it made me feel like to them my Father wasn't important to me, that he was just some insignificant person, what's more it made me feel like no one could understand, and in a sense no one really could. Personal loss is different for everyone, just like ourselves and how we live.I've had to cope and deal with the hand that had been dealt to me, much like the main character in FrAcTuReD.
You could say that the story is a metaphor in how many people deal with loss and their own ways of coping with it or even flat out ignoring that it even happened.
It makes me just wish more people were open to that...

But you know to tell you the truth, I'm glad, I'm glad that this is how my writing has taken shape and how real it can feel for me, like these fictional characters actually can/could exist in the world.
Life and death can be a horrible, terrible thing but it can also shape you into a strong individual, which is something that I think if my Dad was still alive would be proud of how far I've come since I started writing.

Sorry for the weird WTF post here but I kind of wanted to get my personal thoughts out there, sorry if it sounds dumb as all hell but it's how I feel, hope you don't mind.



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